Mindfulness X©

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Mindfulness X© is a comprehensive 8-session mindfulness training package that includes everything you need to offer mindfulness training (value $1,150). It is based on scientific research, comes complete with videos, worksheets, exercises, and slides, and can be taught under your own branding (incl. white label rights).

$ 1,150

Mindfulness X was created by a qualified psychologist and researcher Dr. Hugo Alberts who has been exploring the practical and scientific side of mindfulness through controlled lab and field studies for the past 14 years.

He has been a sought-after trainer in mindfulness for many years and in 2010 Hugo developed the Mindfulness X training course as his own methodology for training other practitioners. He’s now offering Mindfulness X to other practitioners in order to increase the number of people he can help through the positive impact of mindfulness.

Mindfulness X© includes:

  • An Instruction Manual for You as a Practitioner
  • A PDF-workbook for Your Participants
  • '8 Pillars of Mindfulness' Video Course
  • 8 PowerPoint Presentations
  • Transcripts of All the Powerpoint Presentations
  • Expert Guided Meditations in .MP3
  • A Complete ‘Train the Trainer’ Course
  • White Label Rights: Use Your Own Brand
  • Lifetime Updates to Mindfulness X


  • 11 Additional Science-Based Mindfulness Exercises
  • A Certificate Template That You Can Reward Your Participants With After Completing the Program
  • A Marketing Kit That Will Help You to Reach Your Audience
  • A Guide on How to Deliver Mindfulness X Digitally
  • Recommended Books, Articles, Movies, Videos and Quotes

You’ll learn to teach the following 8 Pillars of Mindfulness:

  • 1

    Attention and the Now

    The objective of this first session is to familiarize participants with the two most important building blocks of mindfulness; attention and the present moment. At the heart of mindfulness is the cultivation of attention to the present moment.

  • 2


    The goal of this session is to clarify the relationship between mindfulness and automaticity. The reason for this session to be at the beginning of the training is because most problems that people experience involve automatic patterns or habits. Without becoming aware of these patterns, change is difficult if not impossible.

  • 3


    An important element of mindfulness is “open awareness”. Open awareness refers to a quality of consciousness that is not evaluative or actively shaped by pre-existing ideas or intentions, but is fully receptive to allowing the experience to simply occur “as it is”. In this session, open awareness is introduced by addressing the evaluative nature of the mind.

  • 4


    The goal of this session is to introduce the concept of acceptance. Mindfulness promotes an accepting stance towards experiences. Rather than fighting or avoiding experiences, mindfulness requires the willingness to experience them. Acceptance, however, is a complex and paradoxical construct. This session aims to clarify the essence of acceptance by learning to apply acceptance to difficult emotions and by explaining the goal of acceptance.

  • 5


    An excessive focus on the future is perhaps one of the most common obstacles to the cultivation of mindful awareness. The default mode for many people is a “doing mode|” that is constantly focused on reaching goals and the future. In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key to finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future. Participants will experience the pitfalls of an excessive future focus and explore the benefits of a grateful relationship with the present moment.

  • 6


    In this session, participants become acquainted with their inner critic and learn how to effectively cultivate a friendly and caring relationship with the self by increasing awareness of the inner critic and practicing self-compassion through meditation and self-caring action.

  • 7

    The Ego

    The goal of this session is to clarify the relationship between mindfulness and the self. At the deepest level, mindfulness practice cultivates a different relationship with the self. The observing stance that becomes stronger after repeated and consistent mindfulness practice allows participants to take a step back from all kinds of thoughts, including identity-related thoughts.

  • 8


    During the past 7 sessions, participants learned about and practiced many essential key processes underlying mindfulness. Mindfulness is a multi-facetted construct, and an understanding of how the different processes that mindfulness involves work together, can be regarded as an essential insight. In this final session, participants will learn the connection between those different processes.

The teach-the-teacher program helps you to effectively deliver mindfulness training and includes the following lessons:

  • 1

    Safe Mindfulness Practice

    In this first lesson, we start with discussing how mindfulness can be applied in a safe way, leading to an improvement rather than a reduction of your participants’ well-being. We discuss four key ingredients of safe mindfulness practice.

  • 2


    This lesson focuses on how to prepare for your mindfulness training. What kind of preparation is needed to make sure that you will deliver your mindfulness training in an effective way?

  • 3

    Setting the Scene

    Once you have successfully prepared for your mindfulness training, it is time to deliver the training. In this lesson, we discuss how you can create a fruitful starting point for your training.

  • 4

    Guiding Meditations

    Obviously, meditations entail an essential part of mindfulness training. Therefore, it is important that you, the trainer, are able to successfully guide your participants when meditating together. Here we share some important insights that will help you to effectively guide meditations.

  • 5

    Guiding Acceptance of Emotions

    Acceptance of feelings and emotions is perhaps one of the most challenging mindfulness skills. This has to do with the paradoxical nature of acceptance. In this lesson, we analyze acceptance and share several tips for teaching acceptance.

  • 6


    An inquiry is a process of asking questions. The instructor, through his or her questioning, shows an interest in the details of the experience of the participants. In this lesson, we focus on the essential ingredients of an effective inquiry. How can you ask questions that make your participants aware of their own minds?

  • 7


    Mindfulness X contains several presentations. In this lesson, we address how you can make sure to effectively deliver a presentation. This lesson focuses on three key ingredients of every presentation: the presentation itself, the presenter, and the audience.

  • 8

    Dealing with Challenges

    In this lesson, we address challenges that may arise when teaching mindfulness. When creating this lesson, I considered the most common challenges that I personally experienced over the past years when teaching mindfulness. In the first chapter, we present some general advice. In the remaining chapters, specific challenges and how to deal with them are being addressed.

Mindfulness X was created by a qualified psychologist and researcher Dr. Hugo Alberts who has been exploring the practical and scientific side of mindfulness through controlled lab and field studies for the past 12 years. To date, he’s published over 20 articles for academia on this topic, and in a previous role, he was an Associate Professor at the University of Maastricht.

He has been a sought-after trainer in mindfulness for many years and in 2010 Hugo developed the Mindfulness X training course as his own methodology for training other practitioners. He’s now offering Mindfulness X to other practitioners in order to increase the number of people he can help through the positive impact of mindfulness.

Mindfulness X is for anyone who wants to learn about, use or teach mindfulness in their personal or professional life. It’s popular with coaches, trainers, teachers, HR managers, organizational development specialists, consultants, and leadership specialists.

Yes. To 2018, over 3,000 peer-reviewed research studies have validated the benefits of mindfulness, and we have made sure that everything in the Mindfulness X training package is underpinned by rigorous science. We also always include references and credits.

Mindfulness X is a digital product so you’ll access all the elements from a website. You can download most of the package. The videos are accessed online: you’ll just need to login to access them with your email and the password you set during the checkout process, or simply log into your account if you already have one.

You can download, customize, and print the materials for personal or professional use, such as in a coaching or a classroom setting. You may add your own logo, adjust or brand all the materials as you see fit. You cannot publish the materials publicly (online or offline) or resell the package as it is. For example, creating your own course from Mindfulness X and offering it under your own brand is allowed. Taking the whole or a part of the Mindfulness X package as it is and reselling it, is not allowed. When in doubt, please contact us at info@positivepsychology.com

Yes, of course, but there’s a time limit if you’d like a refund. You’ve got one week from the date of purchase to decide whether Mindfulness X is right for you. If you decide it’s not, simply tell us within the first week and we’ll refund your subscription 100%. Please note that after a week from the date of purchase, Mindfulness X is non-refundable.

The price is in US dollars $ (USD).

Mindfulness X is designed as a comprehensive ready-to-go training package for people who want to teach mindfulness to their clients, peers, students or trainees. However, the information in the package can be adapted for the self, individuals, groups, teams and for different client groups such as children, young people, employees, women, or men. Use your own experience and expertise to adapt the tools to your own particular scenario. Always use Mindfulness X ethically and professionally (but you know that!).

Certainly! The package includes loads of tools that you can use to improve your own life and develop yourself.

The exercises and interventions aren’t designed specifically for children or young people, or any particular client group, but you can adapt any of the tools so that they are suitable for your specific situation.

Yes, absolutely. The package contains resources suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about mindfulness and how it can be used.

We love to do the research for you, so we work with universities, organizations, and researchers around the world to find and add the latest scientific findings and exercises. When we create an update, we make this available to Mindfulness X purchasers free of charge.

Mindfulness X is available in English. The workbook for participants, all the PowerPoint files and the certificate for participants are also available in Spanish.

Absolutely! Send Lucy, our Practitioner Success Manager an email at lucy@positivepsychology.com and she will gladly take care of you. Alternatively, you can call us on 1-424-272-1280 (our working hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday - Friday). We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Barbara Kuiters

    The most life-changing part about this training is that I got my participants to recognize and change some of the life-long patterns that have been holding them back. This training enabled them to look beyond their automatic judgment and behaviors. The theory is very clearly explained and easy to pass on to others. Even though I have studied psychology and mindfulness, getting this pre-made and proven training saved me tons of time because I didn’t have to research and write everything myself. I still get messages from former participants telling me how grateful they are for what this training has done for them.

    Barbara Kuiters Psychologist

  2. Marion Valster, B.Sc.

    I downloaded the Mindfulness X program and was impressed to see how comprehensive it is. As a trainer myself, I feel I have all the building blocks to run an engaging and interesting program, and the customizable content makes it easy to add my company logo to the material. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    Marion Valster, B.Sc. Coach/Trainer

  3. Gary Bridgeman

    I am really impressed with the quality of Mindfulness X©. The writing is clear and concise, the instruction manual breaks each session down, giving clear timings and instructions for you to lead your course. The student workbook is also clearly written but what I particularly like are the academic references giving the reader a sense of trust. Highly recommended. You could buy this product today and run the first course tomorrow.

    Gary Bridgeman Professional Development Coach

  4. Dr. Paula Alvarez

    I have found tremendous value in all products I have purchased from PositivePsychology.com! I am using the Toolkit and Mindfulness X every day with my clients! These products have increased my knowledge base and are so helpful to my clients during and between sessions!

    Dr. Paula Alvarez

  5. Catherine J Burdett, CPCC, PCC

    Thank you for this amazing suite of products. I am in the process of launching a mindfulness program under my brand. The program in and of itself is so well designed and I enjoyed completing it earlier this year. Truth be told, I was feeling stuck in terms of marketing the product and I come from a sales and marketing background (not so much in the digital world though!). Now, I feel confident and capable with this additional toolkit. There is absolutely every reason to activate the program now and bring tools and techniques to those who are ready to roll! Thank you Hugo and the Positive Psychology Team.

    Catherine J Burdett, CPCC, PCC Certified Coach, Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator

  6. Sallie Martin

    The material is fantastic, including my existing knowledge, and adding in more material, some of which may be more than you want. I like the idea that you can tailor it to your style. The layout and aesthetics of the material is excellent. It’s great to have the transcripts and backup material. I would slightly improve the layout of materials on the website but it’s all there and is great already.

    Sallie Martin

  7. Evan Roth

    I highly recommend this course. It is well put together for participants and instructors alike. The presentation is professional, the content rich, and the resources abundant. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to look into Mindfulness.

    Evan Roth

  8. Paul Hannan

    Mindfulness X© has been a lifesaver for several of my customers. I suffered serious brain trauma from an accident a few years back, and the course has been so helpful for my wife and me.

    Paul Hannan Director at DNA Coaching

  9. Subbalakshmi Kumar

    The kit is quite comprehensive and is well organized and has the basic materials required to prepare a program for others. Thank you very much for this. This gives us an idea of what needs to be covered in a course of this kind.

    Subbalakshmi Kumar

  10. Deborah Hann

    What a thoughtfully structured and considered set of Train the Trainer lessons in Mindfulness X. Thank you for championing a practice-based Mindfulness method.

    Deborah Hann

  11. Bryan Yates

    I think this is my third course with you. I’ve loved this one most. I truly appreciate how you’ve laid this out. It’s even giving me ideas on how my cycling enthusiasts can use mindfulness to create a more organic connection to their bikes and their sport. Thank you so much.

    Bryan Yates

  12. Au Yin Chan

    Mindfulness X© was an impactful course for me and broadened my understanding of mindfulness personally, as well as how to help my clients.

    Au Yin Chan Consultant & Founder of AYC Consulting and AYCLimitless.com

  13. Christina Lilly

    I just finished these sessions and loved it. It really elevated my concept of mindfulness and made the idea of it much less intimidating. 

    Christina Lilly

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