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Job crafting is the process of personalizing work to better align with one’s strengths, values, and interests. A well-crafted job offers more autonomy, deeper engagement and improved overall wellbeing.

This manual and the accompanying client workbook outline a seven-session coaching trajectory for you, the practitioner, to expertly guide others through their own unique job crafting journey.

Through mastery of the theory and application of the three types of job crafting⁠, you will be able to help others find opportunities and implement them to make any job more satisfying, rewarding, and meaningful.

$ 97

Consisting of a seven-session framework, this manual is designed to give you, the facilitator, all the information, resources, and guidance you need to navigate your clients through the job crafting process.

It contains:

  • Practitioner Instruction Manual (85 pages) to quickly master the theory and application of Job Crafting.
  • Client Workbook (109 pages) to keep clients engaged and accountable through the Job Crafting process.
  • Fillable PDFs that can either be printed or completed digitally.
  • Customizable MS Word files for you to personalize and rebrand the material as needed, giving your practice the edge.
  • More than 60 references to empower you with the knowledge that this method is 100% science-based.
  • 7-session coaching trajectory that will drastically reduce time spent on session prep.


  • Extended Usage Rights enabling you to teach and repurpose the content under your own brand.

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Both the practitioner manual and the client workbook follow the same structure:

  • Part 1: Introducing Job Crafting

    Explain the three forms of job crafting, their benefits, and common obstacles and challenges that job crafters face

  • Part 2: Values, Strengths, and Interests

    Help your client to be more aware of their values, strengths, and interests to gain a deeper understanding of where their focus should lie before engaging in job crafting activities

  • Part 3: Task Crafting

    Guide your client to reflect on current work tasks and consider modifying them to ensure they are better aligned with values, strengths, and interests

  • Part 4: Relational Crafting

    Help your client to analyze their current work relationships and identify ways to adjust social interactions and connections that foster meaningfulness

  • Part 5: Cognitive Crafting

    Help your client to change the perspective of their job’s meaning and value without changing the work’s physical characteristics

  • Part 6: Job Crafting Action Plan

    Create personal job-crafting goals and plans for tasks, relationships, and cognitions

  • Part 7: Job Crafting Reflection

    Reflect on the experiences and the effects that job crafting changes have made

This product is designed for coaches, people managers, and HR professionals. However, it’s also possible for individuals to work through the job crafting process by themselves.

While having a coach throughout the process typically helps you stay committed to the process, you can absolutely work through the workbook on your own if you are motivated. The advantage of Job Crafting is that it is self-initiated.

These manuals are relevant for those without prior knowledge about Job Crafting. They include extensive background sections so that you are equipped with all the tools and knowledge needed to guide others through the job crafting process.

Yes! Academics have developed all the content for this manual with both a scientific and practical background. The manuals include more than 60 scientific references, and many more were used in the making of this product.

Job crafting can be applied to diverse roles, levels of seniority, and degrees of autonomy. Even the most restricted and structured jobs can be ‘crafted.’

No. Although having the cooperation of your manager is an advantage, it is optional to have their involvement. Job crafting an entirely bottom-up and self-initiated process.

We’ve made sure that all the theory is immediately actionable. Section 6 will help your client design a step-by-step Job Crafting action plan that is manageable and realistic.

Since one primary element of Job Crafting is relational crafting, your relationships with colleagues and employees may change for the better! The Job Crafting Coaching Manual is designed to present solutions for you to reshape your work environment in a sustainable way for you (and is not about neglecting responsibilities or cutting corners).

No, this manual can also be used to prepare your clients for future jobs and interviews. It is designed to understand the value of job crafting and implement it in your client's life at any point in their lives.

Yes! We have even included a blank template for you to repurpose them as you like. Upon purchase of this product, you will be granted the Extended Usage Rights. When in doubt, please contact us at

Yes, you can request a refund within seven days of purchase if this manual isn’t suitable for you.

Absolutely! Send Lucy, our Practitioner Success Manager an email at and she will gladly take care of you. Alternatively, you can call us on 1-424-272-1280 (our working hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday - Friday). We look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Dael Gunterman

    The Job Crafting Coaching Manual and workbook are excellent resources to help coaches and managers to support their clients or employees. They contain many diverse examples of the different ways to craft jobs. Every section also contains advice on how to apply the learnings, common pitfalls and risks, and helpful tips. The workbook activities are also supported by examples making it easy to comprehend from the client perspective. As a coach and as a manager, I would highly recommend this!

    Dael Gunterman Personal Growth Coach & Senior Policy Officer

  2. Margo Boske

    The manual and workbook are very thorough. They take into account potential challenges and risks and give options on how to tackle them.The action plan you create with your coachee is through a simple and step-by-step approach, which makes it very tangible and doable to implement for the coachee. I will definitely use this template for highly sensitive clients who struggle with their current job!

    Margo Boske High Sensitivity Coach

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