The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass©

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The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass© will help you and your clients to end the unhealthy search for self-esteem. You will learn how to build a lasting sense of being good enough, regardless of failures, meeting external standards, or gaining approval from others.

$ 750

The Science of Self-Acceptance© is an innovative online masterclass that will help you support your clients to successfully build a healthy relationship with themselves.

  • Live Recordings of the Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass
  • Practitioner handbook (ebook in Epub, Mobi and PDF)
  • Printable Workbook for your clients, students, or employees (PDF)
  • Train-the-Trainer videos for each lesson
  • Community-section to interact with fellow practitioners
  • 200+ Powerpoint slides for teaching and workshops
  • Recommended books, articles, movies, videos, and quotes
  • Lifetime updates
  • Support & Ask the Instructor Anything


  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • Extended Usage Rights

What you will achieve:

  • Help others build a compassionate and accepting relationship with the Self
  • Apply hands-on tools and exercises for increasing self-acceptance in a science-based and durable way
  • Easily build your own workshop, training program, and treatment plan for clients
  • Help clients become less dependent on meeting external standards
  • Get a ready-to-go, structured action-plan for putting theory into practice
  • Grow your practice by mastering fundamental self-acceptance skills
  • Become a sought-after practitioner with this unique set of tools at your disposal
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    The Sailboat Metaphor

    This module introduces how two influential, yet fundamentally different, views on the self; the ‘self-as-story’ and the ‘self-as-process' can be discerned using the Sailboat Metaphor©

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    This module discusses how one's attention, thoughts, motivation, and actions can have an impact on their well-being, in relation to their weaknesses

A total of 8* CCE units are available for completing The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass.

In order to receive a certificate confirming course completion with the number of CCE credits awarded, you will need to complete every lesson and take a multiple-choice comprehension test. To receive your certificate, please send an email request to, and our team will verify your successful completion of the masterclass and issue your certificate. is approved by the International Coaching Federation to sponsor continuing education for coaches. maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

* Please note that 3 of these credits are awarded for completing An Introduction to Positive Psychology, which is included as part of The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass. However, you can only receive a total of 3 credits for completing An Intro to Positive Psychology once. If you complete multiple masterclasses from, you will encounter the introductory module multiple times, but you will only receive CCE credits for An Intro to Positive Psychology the first time you complete it.

Psychologist and researcher Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has been exploring the scientific side of positive psychology for the past 12 years, with 20+ academic publications on this topic. As a practitioner, positive psychology is at the heart of his work with a diverse range of clients.

His aim is to give people both the psychological perspective and the hands-on tools that have proven to increase mental well-being through the practice of positive psychology.

The Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass© introduces a new, science-based method for understanding and applying positive psychology. In comparing human functioning to a captain’s interaction with the different elements of a sailboat, this method:

  • Offers a ready-to-go method for applying positive psychology
  • Gives clients an intuitive way to share experiences
  • Creates a clear structure in the vast field of positive psychology
  • Provides hands-on tools to put this method into practice

A formal or informal training background in positive psychology is not essential in order to follow this masterclass. We have a broad range of customers, including teachers, psychologists, life coaches, HR specialists, business leaders, fitness coaches, etc. The more experience you have in coaching or practicing positive psychology, the better the foundation you have to build on during and after this training.

Yes. Upon purchasing this masterclass, you will be taken to the online learning environment, where you can start following the masterclass at your own pace.

This masterclass is Intermediate level. It introduces the latest concepts about self-acceptance, which will enable you to develop a new set of skills and apply what’s required for your specific goals or practice. If you are new to the field, you’ll get a head start, and if you’re more experienced, it will add a new modality to add to your professional arsenal.

There are no specific time frames or deadlines for completing this masterclass. The learning environment and materials can be accessed online in your own time and completed at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office. Upon completing all of the lessons, you can download your certificate of completion from the learning environment.

Yes. All the content for this masterclass has been developed by academics with both a scientific and practitioner background. An extensive science-based handbook is provided that includes all references and credits to the work of researchers in the field.

This coaching method addresses human functioning at its most fundamental level. Therefore, this method is not restricted to working with any age group or target population. The sailboat metaphor is currently being used with juvenile delinquents, adult employees, and regular coaches. As a practitioner, you can use the acquired knowledge and tools and adapt them if necessary to be suitable for your specific professional situation.

The Realizing Resilience Masterclass© is an online resource only. Upon purchase, you will receive full, lifetime access to the online learning environment, including all the materials that you can download and print as you see fit. At the moment, we do not offer hard copy materials.

Yes, there are a total of 8 CCE units available for this program. is accredited to offer CCE units to coaches by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The price is in US dollars $ (USD).

This masterclass contains 6 hours of video content, including additional in-depth written material (and instructions). You can choose to follow all of the modules or complete only the ones relevant to your specific professional needs. Depending on how thoroughly you choose to study the content, the material provided in this masterclass will take approximately one week of full-time self-study.

Yes, but to promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use this masterclass, guiding materials, and the coaching method introduced within the boundaries of your professional expertise. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within your field of expertise (clinical psychology). Likewise, a school teacher may use the tools in the classroom, but it would not be advisable to use the tools provided for clinical populations.

This masterclass was designed, built, and is still being expanded, by a team of seven positive psychology academics and practitioners, with the help and expertise of some of the top researchers in the field. It’s an initiative of, a collective dedicated to the power of positive psychology to improve lives in homes, offices, and communities everywhere. It was founded by Dr. Hugo Alberts and Seph Fontane Pennock.

Upon purchase of this product, you will be granted the Extended Usage Rights. In short, this means that you are allowed to use the materials in this masterclass and affix your own name and brand on the part of the materials aimed at the client in the context of your own business, practice or professional services for teaching, coaching, counseling, and therapeutic purposes. When in doubt, please contact us at

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in installments. The total amount can only be completed by credit card on the checkout page in one go.

Absolutely! Send Lucy, our Practitioner Success Manager an email at and she will gladly take care of you. Alternatively, you can call us on 1-424-272-1280 (our working hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday - Friday). We look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Tammy Sulik

    Hugo has brought in a lot of research which, as a psychologist, I really appreciate that there are evidence-based practices that have been focused on. I would definitely recommend this to other therapists.

    Tammy Sulik Psychologist

  2. Alicia Assad

    An insightful program that beautifully synthesizes a vast amount of research on well-being. The sailboat metaphor offers a holistic approach to the science of happiness, which suggests we are enough (just as we are) to navigate the storms of life and flourish. If well-being is a self-led journey fueled by acceptance, this work is a life raft of wisdom.

    Alicia Assad Writer, Speaker, Coach

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