Positive Psychology Coaching Manuals

This set of coaching manuals is designed for practitioners to effortlessly integrate positive psychology into their coaching practice. 

It contains an instruction manual for practitioners and a client workbook, both organized around a six-session coaching framework that you can easily adapt for your own coaching clients.

Both the manual and workbook follow a structural approach for increasing the self-regulation of clients and guiding them in the direction of their goals, ultimately increasing their overall subjective wellbeing. 

The manuals contain a solid theoretical background, scientific references, and practical advice to give you the full confidence to start using them in your practice immediately.

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  • Introduction

    The introduction lays out the framework of this six-session coaching template and protocol, and equips you with the fundamentals of positive psychology.

  • Client Info and Contact Details

    This section contains a fillable form to input your client's essential details so that you have all the key information at a glance.

  • Session 1 - Introduction

    The goals of the first session are to introduce each other and identify the client’s values and goals. It contains the popular 'Wheel of Life' tool to help the client evaluate and prioritize their different Life Domains and SMART goal-setting.

  • Session 2 - Strengths

    In this second session, the personal strengths of the client will be identified. In addition, obstacles or personal weaknesses will be addressed. You will be equipped with valuable strength-spotting tools.

  • Session 3 - Behavioral Change

    The goals of the third session are to further clarify the strengths of the client and start by making concrete plans for behavioral change.

  • Session 4 - Obstacles and Coping

    The goals of the fourth session are to monitor the client’s progress towards achieving his/her goals and build the coping skills of the client. You will introduce Mindfulness as a powerful tool to help your client develop their awareness.

  • Session 5 - Positive Emotions

    Research on positive emotions has repeatedly shown that experiencing more positive emotions broadens people’s action repertoire and can help to contribute to a process of positive change. In this session, you will assist your client in experiencing more positive emotions leveraging core positive psychology tools such as gratitude.

  • Session 6 - Evaluation and the Future

    The goal of this final session is to evaluate the intervention and the coach and make concrete plans for the future.

  • Advice

    The advice section of the practitioner manual contains the background and theory to all of the coaching concepts and tools that you will be working with. You will have complete confidence that everything is science-based.

  • Appendix

    The appendix contains a complete breakdown of the differences between traditional therapy and positive therapy/coaching.

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