17 Positive Parenting Exercises

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Parenting is a journey that shapes our children’s futures and their well-being for life.

But traditional parenting methods—often centered on authority and discipline—can overlook the emotional and developmental needs of children, leading to strained relationships and hindered growth. Positive parenting shifts the focus away from control and moves toward nurturing and supporting a child’s growth by emphasizing empathy, understanding, and guidance.

Designed for seamless integration into the daily routines of parents, guardians, and caregivers, this 17 Positive Parenting Exercises [PDF] pack equips you with science-based strategies to inspire confidence and emotional intelligence in children, laying the groundwork for lifelong success and happiness.

A powerful ally for practitioners and parents alike who seek improved parent-child relating.

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You will be equipped with the following tools:

  • Enhancing Parent-Child Communication

    Help parents and caregivers learn and practice positive communication techniques, fostering stronger bonds and character development in their children.

  • Forest Bathing

    Facilitate a sensory forest bathing activity for parents and children to enhance bonding, well-being, nature appreciation, mindfulness, and children's sensory and creative skills.

  • Giving Children Empathy Before Solutions

    Help parents and caregivers in teaching children empathy and self-problem solving by acknowledging negative emotions as a normal aspect of life.

  • Gratitude Letter for Teens

    Increase gratitude in teens by guiding them through a gratitude meditation followed by a gratitude letter-writing activity.

  • Helping Children Set Healthy Boundaries

    Help children understand, set, and express personal boundaries by comparing them to a house safeguarded by a fence.

  • Helping Kids Label and Express Emotions

    Enable children to identify and articulate their feelings, providing parents with psychoeducational resources for daily use.

  • Kindness Quest

    Empower parents to teach their children kindness, fostering its positive impact and integrating kind acts into daily life.

  • Minimizing Resistance by Understanding Child Temperaments

    Help parents identify their child’s predominant temperament and the most effective way to respond to their resistance and increase cooperation.

  • Nurturing Collaboration in Children

    Guide parents in how to talk to their children using “we” language to encourage and nurture collaboration and promote positive collaborative experiences.

  • Playful Parenting

    Support parents in how to be more playful in their everyday parenting.

  • Reducing Sibling Rivalry

    Assist parents in managing and reducing sibling rivalry at home and help foster understanding, empathy, and cooperation between siblings.

  • Respectful Parenting

    Teach parents to use respectful parenting to strengthen bonds and boost children's trust, belonging, and self-worth.

  • Savoring Moments of Connection with Kids

    Guide parents in a savoring meditation to foster closeness with their child, then explore ways to increase these connective moments.

  • The 4Cs of Parenting

    Assist parents and caregivers in enhancing children's upbringing through education, reflection, and application of the 4Cs: Care, Consistency, Choices, and Consequences.

  • The Power of ‘Yet’

    Help children develop a growth mindset by having parents use the power of 'yet' to transform challenges into opportunities for growth, turning "I can't do this" into "I can't do this, yet."

  • Things I Like About Me

    Foster children's self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to recognize their strengths and how these traits positively impact themselves, others, and the world.

  • Uncovering Your Teen’s S.H.I.N.E.

    Guide parents in assisting their teens to discover their S.H.I.N.E.: Skills, Hobbies, Interests, Natural abilities, and Energizing activities that spark excitement and purpose.

This pack contains the 17 highest-rated positive parenting tools that parents and professionals working with children use for enhancing parenting techniques and supporting child development in family environments, schools, pediatric care, or child psychology settings. Each of the tools has been created in collaboration with universities and experts around the world.

All of the tools are rooted in science, draw from the latest research and insights from the field of positive parenting, and include references, practical advice, and a detailed description of how to use them.

Download them today to develop expertise in positive parenting and help children thrive.

The following experts create our tools and resources:

  • Claire Vowell


  • Elaine Houston

    B.Sc. (Hons)

  • Gabriella Lancia


  • Heather S. Lonczak


  • Hugo Alberts


  • Jeffrey J. Gaines


  • Jeremy Sutton


  • Jessica Swainston


  • Joshua Bourne


  • Joshua Schultz


  • Lucinda Poole


  • Maike Neuhaus


  • Melissa Madeson


  • Nicole Celestine


  • Oliver Page


  • Tchiki Davis


  • Alicia Nortje


  • Anna K. Schaffner


This product is meticulously crafted for a wide audience that includes both parents and professionals who are deeply involved in children's development and well-being. It is ideal for parents and guardians, educators and teachers, child development specialists, social workers and healthcare providers.

Yes, of course! While these tools were designed with practitioners in mind, they are written in an accessible way so that anyone can benefit from them.

Upon purchase, you will receive access to a .zip file containing all the tools as PDFs. If you have any difficulty accessing the tools, please contact us at info@positivepsychology.com.

This can vary a lot from one exercise to another. As a general rule, most take around 30 minutes to complete but can take longer if more reflection is required. Some tools take place over a longer period of time, such as a week.

The tools can be adapted for the self, individuals, groups, teams, and different client populations. You are free to use your own experience and expertise to adapt the tools to your own particular scenario.

Yes, but in order to promote good practice, please note that you are advised to use the tools within the boundaries of your professional expertise. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within clinical psychology. Likewise, a school teacher may use the tools in the classroom, but it would not be advisable to use them for clinical populations.

Each tool is based on extensive research from within the field of parenting studies. This toolkit serves as a bridge between scientific research and practical application, ensuring that those who play a pivotal role in children's lives are equipped with evidence-based strategies and insights to promote positive growth and development.

You’re free to download these tools in PDF format and print them for your personal or professional use, such as in a coaching or classroom setting. You’re not allowed to publish these tools publicly.

Within seven days of your purchase, if you decide that the tools aren’t for you, we’ll be happy to offer a refund.

Absolutely! Send Lucy, our Practitioner Success Manager an email at lucy@positivepsychology.com and she will gladly take care of you. Alternatively, you can call us on 1-424-272-1280 (our working hours are 9am-6pm EST, Monday - Friday). We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Nina Whittaker

    The 17 Positive Parenting Tools really helped me reflect on my current parenting, and I immediately realized that I am missing opportunities to be more positive as a parent. In just one or two days of using these exercises, I have already made valuable changes in my parenting! The tools are really clear and succinct and all exercises are easy to follow and implement.

    Nina Whittaker Client Services Director, Parent

  2. Jantine Boselie, PhD

    The 17 Positive Parenting Tools are very clear, comprehensive but concise, and each exercise is structured through practical steps. I appreciate that the exercises are scientifically based and use examples to increase understanding. I enjoyed using the exercises and would highly recommend them!

    Jantine Boselie, PhD Assisant Professor, Parent

  3. Shrikanth Iyer

    Many parents are struggling to find new and insightful solutions to repairing their relationships with their children and seeing their children attain their whole SHINE (Skills (learned), hobbies, interests, natural abilities, and energized activities). I feel confident in saying that these tools are definitely valuable for client-therapist settings.

    Shrikanth Iyer Psychotherapist

  4. Andrea Hoerandner

    These tools offer a holistic approach to a trustful and appreciative parent-child relationship. They work on many different levels encouraging a relationship based on mutual empathy and lived parenthood.

    Andrea Hoerandner Counselor, Coach, Parent

  5. Dr. W. Md Rayman

    Another amazing product by PositivePsychology.com! As a school director and a parent myself, there have been many times when proactive parents want to take their children’s development home but are unable to do so because of a lack of tools. As always PP.com delivers! Highly recommend it for parents and coaches who work with parents and child development.

    Dr. W. Md Rayman School Director, Parent

  6. Kristel Treimann

    The materials are very well and clearly written and are easy to follow for a non-professional in the field. I love the fact that it covers more than just the verbal parts, as there is so much more that one can do without using words. I also love that it teaches how to change patterns in a family (how kids can set boundaries and how to allow them to do so). The tools teach parents to take time to reflect on their experiences and cherish the good moments!

    Kristel Treimann Psychologist, Parent

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