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On Becoming a Therapist

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Begin your journey – Take the first step in starting a meaningful and rewarding career helping others.

Make informed decisions about your future with the wealth of information presented in this guidebook.

​Save hours of research and data overwhelm with all the information you need in one place.

Gain insights from trusted experts – get an unbiased account of the field from experts who combine their own experience with extensive research.

​Turn interest into action – You’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of becoming a therapist so you can create a concrete path towards your goal.

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Essential Guide

Discover a Concrete Path Towards Becoming a Therapist

Whether you’re determined to become one or just interested in learning about the profession, you’ve come to the right place.

This 96-page guidebook is the result of listening to our community, who told us they were often unable to find the right information on where to start or what to expect from a career as a therapist.

What resulted is a book of advice, guidance, suggestions, and a concrete path that you can take towards becoming a therapist.

All information has been extensively researched and is based on interviews with 300+ practicing therapists from around the world.

  • Learn from experts

    Learn what it takes to pursue your path in therapy from more than 300+ practicing therapists.

  • Make informed choices

    Be confident in your decisions with the extensively researched knowledge in this guidebook.

  • Begin your journey

    Take concrete action towards your goal and start a meaningful career helping others.

You Will Learn Essential Knowledge in the Following Topics:

  • Exploration:

    You'll start by determining if being a therapist is right for you through self-reflective questions and an exploration of the scope and daily experiences of therapists in our community.

  • ​Specialization:

    You'll understand the many different types of specialties, and how and why you might choose to specialize. From theoretical orientations, to problem-specific, to client-specific specialties, we've got you covered.

  • Seven Qualities of Highly Effective Therapists:

    You'll explore the specific, necessary, baseline qualities that therapists must master to help their clients in meaningful ways.

  • ​​​​Training and Education:

    You'll dive deep into the different training components, the various offerings from high school to doctoral degrees, the process of applying to these programs, and the cost of tuition. You'll take a close look at online options and distance learning.

  • ​Licensure and Registration:

    You'll demystify the challenging world of licensure, providing information about the ways to become licensed or registered and whether it's mandatory or voluntary.* You'll also uncover how you can leverage professional societies to build your network and credentials.

  • Work:

    You'll be walked through the different ways to land your first job as a therapist across a host of diverse workplaces. You'll be given a practical look at what it takes to launch your own private practice and touch on how the digitization of therapy is providing current and future therapists with exciting new work opportunities.

  • ​​​Therapy as a Second Career:

    You'll gain practical advice about career-transitioning and becoming therapists later in life. If you're soul-searching, you'll be able to evaluate whether the payoff is worth the big leap.

  • ​​Money:

    You'll discover the costs of doing business, from start-up to maintenance costs. You'll see the breakdown of average therapist salaries by region** and highlight the economic differences between insurance vs. private pay clients.

  • ​​Extensive glossary for all terminology throughout the book

  • ​Further Reading List

*Please note that while the majority of information provided in this guidebook is universal and applicable to all locations, we do not provide extensive region-specific details around licensure and readers are advised to research their local requirements.

**Salary information is limited to AU, CA, US and UK.

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Joshua Schultz, PsyD


About the Author

Joshua Schultz, PsyD, is a therapist and writer based in Philadelphia with experience in a variety of clinical styles.

He holds the belief that being a therapist can provide many years of professional fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, and financial stability, and is passionate about inspiring future generations of therapists at a time when mental health services are needed more than ever.

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