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Bullet-Proof Your Session Preparation With These 17 Science-Based Strength Finding Tools

This pack contains the highest-rated strengths tools that our practitioners use for their own professional development, in coaching, for teaching, or in a therapeutic setting.

Practitioners have reported that these exercises have led to breakthrough moments in the careers and personal lives of their clients.

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17 Essential tools to better help others.

This package includes 17 practical tools covering a wide range of strength topics including:

strength spotting | journaling | interviewing | strength awareness 

All tools are rooted in science and include references, practical advice and a detailed description of how to use the tool.

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    Master proven methods to increase the mental well-being of the people you work with.

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    Proven impact

    Extend your offering with positive psychology methods and interventions.

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    Become an expert

    Use these tools to add strength-based coaching to your professional arsenal.


You will be equipped with the following tools:

  • Writing as a Metaphor for Strength and Weakness

    Introduce the concepts “strengths” and “weaknesses” in a practical way that allows discussion.

  • VIA Signature Strengths Scoring Sheet

    Create a structured overview of the different sources of information that can be used to identify the strengths of a client.

  • The Strengths of Inspirational People

    Learn to look at others, especially those who are inspirational, through a lens of strengths.

  • ​The Freelancer Approach

    Help clients considering themselves from a perspective of autonomy to reveal insights about their work preferences.

  • Strengths Spotting in Groups

    Help participants practice listening for strengths and giving strength-based feedback.

  • Strengths Interviewing Guidelines

    Guidelines to help the practitioner conduct a strengths interview more effectively.

  • Strengths in Significant Moments

    Increase awareness of personal strengths by analyzing crucial moments in life.

  • Strength Journaling

    Help clients develop character strengths by acknowledging and celebrating their strengths via journaling.

  • Strength Collisions

    Help clients identify a strength collision that is contributing to a current interpersonal problem and work towards resolving the problem.

  • Personalizing Strengths

    Gain insight into the specific ways in which the strengths of your client are manifested in his/her life.

  • Inward and Outward Strength Expression

    Help people examine the extent to which they express a given social strength outward (to others) and inwardly (to themselves).

  • Find the Person Behind the Strengths

    Allow group members to look at other group members through the lens of strengths.

  • Daily Strengths Awareness

    Increase the client’s knowledge of his/her strengths by promoting daily introspection.

  • Crafting Team Tasks Around Strengths

    Improve the performance of a team by allowing team members to use their strengths more effectively at work.

  • A Strength-Based Résumé

    Rather than selecting and applying for jobs based on previously acquired skills, this exercise allows clients to match jobs to their strengths.

  • A Reflected Best Self Portrait

    Give your clients a better understanding of their strengths to see which of these strengths are broadly useful in many different settings.

  • A Family Tree of Strengths

    Help your client identify strengths, facilitate positive discussions, and enhance bonding within their family.

  • “This package has contributed measurably and immeasurably to the well-being of people with whom I interact. Their lives are clearer of purpose and more fulfilling in outcomes as well as processes”.

    Stephen R. Mills | Corporate Trainer
  • “This is a great resource for my coaching and counseling work as well as for presentations I give. It’s great to have everything packaged in convenient ways for client use and keeps me abreast of Positive Psychology developments”.

    Dr. Richelle Anderson | Clinical Psychologist
  • “Thanks so much for these wonderful resources. I’m a MAPP student at University of East London & a wellness practitioner for the past 20+years. These tools are an essential part of my box of tricks when developing a program or workshop – thank you!”

    Tara Killen | Executive Coach

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20 ‘Best of the Best’ Worksheets (PDF)

Looking for even more ways to streamline your session prep?

This bonus pack, containing 20 of our best worksheets from the blog, has got you covered. It covers a wide range of topics, such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive communication, resilience, and more.

Each worksheet is crafted to assist practitioners in conducting sessions more efficiently. Some examples include ‘Healing From Trauma Through Writing,’ ‘Telling an Empathy Story,’ and ‘Loving Others, Better.’

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Strengths Introductory Handbook (PDF)

Need a quick refresher on the theory of strengths?

This introduction booklet describes and breaks down the narrow-minded barriers of a weakness perspective by shifting focus to a strength perspective within the health model.

After reading, you will be able to confidently articulate and apply the theory of strength-finding in your work.

About the author

Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has over 15 years’ experience teaching psychology to thousands of people at universities, companies, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

Currently, his focus is developing science-based tools and exercises to help other professionals apply positive psychology confidently and expertly.

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