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Download 17 Goal Achievement Tools to Help Yourself and Others Reach Their Dreams

This pack contains the highest-rated goal achievement tools that our practitioners use for their own professional development, in coaching, for teaching, or in a therapeutic setting.

Practitioners have reported that these exercises have led to breakthrough moments in the careers and personal lives of their clients.

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17 Essential tools to better help others.

This package includes 17 practical tools covering a wide range of goals topics including:

visualization | motivation | habit formulation | self efficacy | leaving the comfort zone

All tools are rooted in science and include references, practical advice and a detailed description of how to use the tool.

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    Use these tools to add motivation and goal achievement to your professional arsenal.


You will be equipped with the following tools:

  • Using Role Models to Facilitate Goal Achievement

    Help clients identify a suitable role model for the purpose of inspiring and motivating them to achieve a current personal goal.

  • Using Intrinsic Values to Promote Goal Commitment

    Help clients identify intrinsic values inherent in their current pursuit of a significant life goal.

  • Task Prioritization

    Help clients maintain focus on tasks that matter most through the process of prioritization using a prioritization matrix.

  • Self-Contract

    Help people act upon their commitment to make the desired change.

  • Self-Concordant Goal Analysis

    Analyze your client's goals in terms of his or her level of self-concordance.

  • ​Readiness to Change Assessment

    Assess clients’ current readiness to change using the 6 stages described in the Stages of Change Model (TMC).

  • Motivational Vision Board

    Increase motivation by helping clients connect with the perceived benefits of goal accomplishment through the creation of a meaningful and motivational vision board.

  • Leaving the Comfort Zone

    Visually aid people to understand the costs of staying in the comfort zone and the necessity to leave this zone for the experience of growth.

  • Increasing Self-Control through Repeated Practice

    Help people initiate small acts of self-control in daily life to strengthen their willpower capacity.

  • ​Implementation Intentions

    Increase the probability of successful goal attainment by predetermining an 'if/then' plan to overcome potential barriers.

  • Habit Tracker

    Help clients monitor and record the daily use of desired behaviors through the practice of habit tracking.

  • Facing the Effect of Fear-Based Beliefs on Goal Achievement

    Help clients become aware of the negative consequences of fear-based avoidance of goals.

  • Daily Motivational Awareness

    Increase awareness of motivation and the extent to which the motivation to perform daily activities is characterized by autonomy.

  • Building Self-Efficacy by Taking Small Steps

    Help clients move closer to their goals by taking small steps. In this way, clients can enter a positive spiral of success and growing self-efficacy.

  • Awareness of Progress and Accomplishments

    Assist the client in increasing his/her awareness of the progress made in achieving goals and past achievements.

  • A Goal-Buddy

    Assist clients in achieving their goals by teaming up with goal- buddies who would help clients stay committed to their goals by keeping them accountable and motivated.

  • ​A Mindful Goal Focus

    Help clients identify their goal focus type and, if necessary, to help them move toward an optimal goal focus type.

  • “This package has contributed measurably and immeasurably to the well-being of people with whom I interact. Their lives are clearer of purpose and more fulfilling in outcomes as well as processes”.

    Stephen R. Mills | Corporate Trainer
  • “This is a great resource for my coaching and counseling work as well as for presentations I give. It’s great to have everything packaged in convenient ways for client use and keeps me abreast of Positive Psychology developments”.

    Dr. Richelle Anderson | Clinical Psychologist
  • “Thanks so much for these wonderful resources. I’m a MAPP student at University of East London & a wellness practitioner for the past 20+years. These tools are an essential part of my box of tricks when developing a program or workshop – thank you!”

    Tara Killen | Executive Coach

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20 ‘Best of the Best’ Worksheets (PDF)

Looking for even more ways to streamline your session prep?

This bonus pack, containing 20 of our best worksheets from the blog, has got you covered. It covers a wide range of topics, such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive communication, resilience, and more.

Each worksheet is crafted to assist practitioners in conducting sessions more efficiently. Some examples include ‘Healing From Trauma Through Writing,’ ‘Telling an Empathy Story,’ and ‘Loving Others, Better.’

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Motivation & Goals Introductory Handbook (PDF)

Need a quick refresher on the theory of motivation & goals?

This 20-page introduction booklet presents the core background theory to the field of motivation and goals.

Learn the fundamental differences between facets of proximity, action-orientated, purpose, specificity, and hierarchical goals in an easily digestible and beautifully presented format.

About the author

Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has over 15 years’ experience teaching psychology to thousands of people at universities, companies, healthcare facilities, and government agencies.

Currently, his focus is developing science-based tools and exercises to help other professionals apply positive psychology confidently and expertly.

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